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The Swiss financial platform

Do your own finances – we'll show you how!

Find the best Swiss financial service providers with Become Wealthy's independent financial comparisons and build your perfect financial setup with our guides.

The financial universe

With Become Wealthy you navigate confidently through the

Swiss financial universe. Whether you're looking for the perfect account, want to tackle your pillar 3a or want to get started with investing - you'll find the right offer and the right guide quickly and easily here.

Financial Universe Switzerland
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The great financial comparison

Find the best private accounts in Switzerland quickly and easily with the independent and free Become Wealthy comparison platform. We'll dig through the price tables and T&Cs for you so that you can find the offer with the best price-performance ratio for you at a glance.

Exclusive conditions from Become Wealthy 

We negotiate exclusive conditions and offers for you with banks, insurance companies and other financial service providers - including, for example, starting credit, more favourable fees, etc. This means you not only find the best offers via the Become Wealthy comparison, but also benefit from even better conditions whenever possible.

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Financial knowledge

In our blog and our guides, we talk about the important topic of "money" in a very non-Swiss way. There are countless financial offers on the market that leave many people at a loss: Whether bank accounts, investment solutions, pillar 3a, vested benefits or cryptocurrencies - many topics seem difficult to understand at first glance. We'll show you how to find your way around the Swiss financial universe.

The podcast

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of finance with our podcast - learn all about the Swiss financial system, wealth accumulation, shares, ETFs, taxes, pensions and much more.

Take your finances into your own hands and plan them just as carefully as your next holiday.

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Hundreds of financial offers.
One platform.

The Swiss financial platform Become Wealthy: From the cheapest private account and the most attractive credit card to investing in an Andy Warhol - we keep an eye on the Swiss financial centre for you. Have fun discovering and comparing!

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Frequently asked questions

  • How does Become Wealthy compare and test?
    For a good rating, we expect a financial product to offer the most important functions (e.g. transfers for a private account) at the most favourable and transparent conditions possible. To do this, we define the relevant range of functions for each test category. In a second step, we compare the costs and calculate the rating on a scale of 1-5. Find out more here: The rating in detail
  • What is Become Wealthy?
    The Swiss financial platform Become Wealthy is the ideal place to find the best among hundreds of financial offers. With our comparisons, you can organise your finances from A to Z like a pro. We show you how to optimise your financial setup so that your money works for you and not the other way round. With the Become Wealthy blog and podcast, we delve even deeper into the topic of finance. It's worth listening and reading!
  • Is Become Wealthy independent?
    Yes, Become Wealthy is completely independent. Your trust is our most important asset - because if you no longer trust us, we can take the site offline. Our comparisons and reviews therefore always follow the same goal: to find the best financial products in Switzerland for you. We calculate our comparisons using an objective calculation matrix. For each comparison, we describe in detail how the calculations are based. As explained in the FAQ under the question "How does Become Wealthy earn money?", we sometimes receive a commission when a product is opened - but commission is never a criterion in the calculation formula.
  • Become Wealthy è gratuito?
    Yes - Become Wealthy is and will remain completely free.
  • How does Become Wealthy earn money?
    We finance the operation of the platform as follows: Affiliate links & promo codes: If a product or service is purchased or opened via a link or with a voucher code on this website, we sometimes receive a commission. Whenever possible, we try to negotiate special conditions (usually promo codes) so that you can benefit from even better conditions with Become Wealthy. In return, the providers benefit from lower costs, as customer acquisition also causes costs and effort for them - so in the end everyone benefits: you, the provider and us - win, win, win. Advertising: Online advertising is always labelled as such and is clearly recognisable. Any commissions have no influence on our comparison results. The comparisons are calculated on the basis of objective criteria.
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