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About us

Our name is Become Wealthy

Become Wealthy piggy bank with speech bubble "hello!"

May we introduce ourselves: We are Become Wealthy, the Swiss financial platform.

The idea.

For many, the financial universe is difficult to understand. This is why people often shy away from taking control of their own finances. However, it is worth comparing and building up a financial set-up that you can control yourself. If you take an active approach to your finances, you can not only lead a more financially independent life, but also save a lot of money.


We'll take care of studying the terms and conditions and price tables for you and guide you through the financial universe. With our comparisons and tips, you'll find the best offers - all in one place.

The platform.

Hundreds of financial products. One platform. That's the basic idea behind Become Wealthy. Whether it's a bank account, pillar 3a or credit card - you'll find the best offers in Switzerland here. We are working hard to ensure that more comparisons are added all the time.


With our guides and our blog and podcast, we also guide you through the exciting financial universe so that you too can enjoy managing your finances and understand how important a good financial setup is.

The foundation.

The idea for Become Wealthy was born while working in a large Swiss commercial law firm. The two lawyers Aljoscha Moser (specialising in tax law) and Flurin Bleisch (lawyer) then founded the Swiss financial platform Become Wealthy together with Corina Wigger (Content Management) in 2022.

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