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True Wealth promo code

50% on management fee

Get 50% off the asset management fee with the TrueWealth promo link. Open your account now with the referral link.

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True Wealth promo

True Wealth promo 2024: invitation-link

And with our True Wealth invitation link you benefit from up to 50% discount on the asset management fee, which is only 0.25%. 🥳

True Wealth recommendation - instructions

  1. Click on the referral link. You will be redirected to the TrueWealth page.
  2. " Referral link is active" is displayed in a green box
  3. In the second step "Open account", you must accept the invitation for the 50% reduced asset management fee in the first year. To do this, tick the "Yes, I accept this invitation" box.
  4. Determine risk profile and investment strategy. 
  5. Done 😎


Open promo link

Open promo link to register.


Accept invitation

Confirm that you accept the True Wealth invitation in the "Open account" step.


50% fee reduction

Once you have deposited at least CHF 8,500, you benefit from a 0.25% asset management fee for 1 year (savings of up to 50%).

More about True Wealth

As a Swiss robo-advisor, True Wealth offers asset management from as little as CHF 8,500 and already manages over CHF 1 billion in assets. True Wealth's investment solution is fully automated and digital and can therefore offer low costs and fees. And thanks to our True Wealth referral link, you benefit from a reduced asset management fee (0.25% per year) for one year as soon as you invest money. 💰

What does True Wealth offer?

  • Investing: With True Wealth, you can invest automatically from a minimum deposit of CHF 8,500. The idea behind True Wealth: Regardless of the investment amount, you receive a portfolio that private banks usually only offer in asset management mandates from half a million.
  • Pillar 3a: True Wealth does not charge any True Wealth fees for pillar 3a, making it one of the most attractive pillar 3a solutions in Switzerland. Interest is also paid on credit balances.
  • Children's portfolio: There is a children's portfolio for uncles, aunts, godparents, grandparents and family friends, where you can invest as little as CHF 1,000 for a child.

What does True Wealth cost?

True Wealth offers very attractive and transparent fees. There are no True Wealth fees for pillar 3a. 

More information at:

True Wealth recommendation: Invitation link


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