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Timeless Bonus

EUR 10 starting bonus

Receive 10 euros starting credit with the Timeless bonus link. Open your account now for free with the promo link.

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Bonus link →

Timeless Investments Bonus Code 

Timeless Bonus 2024: Bonus link

With Timeless, you can invest from just €50 in shares in assets such as rare sneakers, watches or luxury cars. With our Timeless referral link you will also receive a starting credit of €10. 🥳

Timeless code instructions

Restriction on mobile phone 📱

(your registration may vary slightly depending on your mobile phone)

  1. Click on the bonus link. You will be redirected to the App- or Play-Store. Activate the blue tick: "Save my place in the app. A link will be copied to continue to this page"
  2. Download the app
  3. When asked "Timeless would like to use Safari. Would you like to allow this?" > click "Insert and allow"
  4. Register
  5. Done - the €10 start bonus has been added to your account and the bonus will be automatically applied to your first purchase. 😎


Restriction on the computer  🖥️ 

(your registration may differ slightly depending on your browser)

  1. Click on the bonus link. You will be redirected to the Timeless website.
  2. Click "Get bonus now" or "Invest now"
  3. Register
  4. Done - the €10 start bonus has been added to your account and the bonus will be automatically applied to your first purchase,. (You may need to click on the bonus link again to confirm).


Open bonus link

Open bonus link to download Timeless app or register via website.



Follow the instructions to open your Timeless Investments account.


10 EUR bonus

After successful registration, you will automatically receive your €10 starting credit.

More about Timeless

Timeless is a digital platform based in Berlin that verifies and acquires assets such as watches or other collectibles and then divides them into shares (tokenisation). These shares can be purchased from €50 and traded with other users. The company also takes care of the safekeeping, insurance and maintenance of the assets until they are resold. The shares are purchased via the Timeless app. And when you register via our Timeless referral link, you will receive a €10 bonus.

Here's how it works in detail:

  1. Sourcing: Timeless searches for, verifies and acquires unique collectibles from all over the world.
  2. Management: Timeless then takes care of the storage, insurance and maintenance of the objects until they are resold.
  3. Tokenisation: The assets are divided into tokens and offered for sale via the app.
  4. Trading: Users can offer their own shares for sale, purchase shares and ultimately trade with other users.
  5. Sale: After a holding period of 12-36 months, Timeless resells the assets. All shareholders are paid out.


What does Timeless cost?

The app is free to use. Timeless only charges fees for the purchase of shares (service fee + management fee). These are shown transparently with every purchase.

More information at:

Timeless Bonus: Bonus link


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