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Splint Invest Bonus Code

EUR 60.00 starting credit

Receive EUR 60 starting credit with the Splint Invest Bonus Code BW60. Open your account now with the Splint Invest promo code.

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Code: BW60

Splint Invest Code

Splint Invest bonus code 2024: BW60

With Splint Invest you can invest from as little as €50 in alternative investments such as wine, watches or luxury cars. And with our Splint Invest Bonus Code BW60 you will receive EUR 60 for your first Splints as a gift. 🥳

Splint Invest code instructions

  1. Download the Splint Invest app
  2. Follow the instructions in the app
  3. Enter the Splint Invest promo code BW60
  4. Make sure that you enter the bonus code in the last step of the registration process under "Add code". Alternatively, you can also enter the code in the settings under "Redeem bonus codes".
  5. Done 😎


Download Splint Invest App

Download the Splint Invest app. Follow the instructions in the app to open your Splint Invest account digitally in just a few minutes.


Splint Invest Code: BW60

Enter the BW60 splint code during registration under the "Add code" step or later in the settings.


60 EUR starting credit

You can buy your first Splint with the starting credit of EUR 60.

More about Splint Invest

Splint Invest is an app that allows you to buy digital shares in alternative investments.  And thanks to our Splint Invest Bonus Code BW60, you will receive EUR 60 for the purchase of your first Splints. 

What are alternative investments?

Examples are luxury goods, commodities or private equity. Traditional investments are shares or bonds.

Which asset classes can you invest in with Splint?

  • Whisky
  • Luxury cars
  • diamonds
  • Handbags
  • watches
  • Wines
  • LEGO
  • art

How does investing with Splint Invest work?

In simple terms, Splint Invest searches the markets for interesting investments. Once the Splint Invest experts have discovered an interesting asset, they buy it. Splint Invest then divides the asset (e.g. a Rolex) virtually into shares of €50 each. These shares are called "splints". 

What is a splint?

A splint is a digital unit that defines the co-ownership of a physical asset. An example: A Rolex worth €10,000 is divided into 200 splints. Each of these has a value of €50. You buy two of them. You now own one per cent of the watch. ⌚️

More information at:

Splint Invest Bonus Code: BW60


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