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0.5% lower fees

Reduce your fees by 0.5% forever with the Relai invite code BEW. Open your account now for free with the Relai code.

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Code: BEW

Relai code 

Relai invite code 2024: BEW

Buy and sell bitcoins with the Relai app or set up an automatic savings plan and hold your own keys. And with our code BEW your trading fee will be reduced by 0.5%. Forever. 🥳

Relai code instructions

  1. Download the Relai app
  2. No verification or minimum deposit is required. You can simply take a look and start investing from as little as CHF 25.
  3. Enter Relai referral code BEW
  4. Make sure that you enter the invite code before your first purchase (A) either in the settings under "Invite codes" or (B) during the purchase process under "Invite code".
  5. Done 😎


Download Relai App

Download the Relai app. Follow the instructions in the app to digitally buy your first bitcoins in just a few minutes.


Relai Code: BEW

Enter the Relai code BEW in the settings under "Invite codes". Alternatively, you can also enter the code during the purchase process.


0.5 % fee reduction

Thanks to the code, your fee will be reduced by 0.5 % - forever.

More about Relai

Relai is an app that lets you buy and sell Bitcoin instantly with your own key. And thanks to our Relai referral code BEW, your fee is reduced by 0.5% - forever.

  • The app includes a digital Bitcoin wallet that gives you - and only you - complete control over your Bitcoins. Your keys, your coins.
  • Minimum investment amount: CHF 25.00
  • Create automated investment plans to buy Bitcoin weekly or monthly.
  • Buy Bitcoin instantly by bank transfer, credit card or with Apple Pay and Google Pay.


You can buy Bitcoin with 0% fees. Once a month, up to 100 EUR/CHF per order.

Above this, the fees are 1%, but only if you follow the tips below - otherwise the basic fee is 2.5%. With the following tips you can benefit from 60% off the basic fee:

  1. - 0.50%: Use our referral code (BEW)
  2. - 0.50%: Set up a weekly or monthly savings plan
  3. - 0.50%: Set order value to 100 EUR/CHF or more


Set up the so-called "12-word recovery phrase" immediately after installation. To do this, go to "My recovery phrase" under Profile. If your smartphone is stolen or you change your phone, you can use this to restore your wallet

More information at:

Relai code: BEW


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