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Kaspar& Code

CHF 15 starting credit

Receive CHF 15 starting credit with the Kaspar& Code BW15. Open your account now with the Kaspar& code.

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Code: BW15

Kaspar& Promo Code 

Kaspar& code 2024: BW15

Kaspar& is a Swiss investment app with which you can already invest your change. And with our Kaspar& code BW15 you get CHF 15 starting credit on top. 🥳

Kaspar& Code instructions

  1. Download the Kaspar& app
  2. Follow the instructions in the app and open an account digitally
  3. Enter Kaspar& code BW15 
  4. Make sure you enter the Kaspar& code during registration at the step where you are asked for a code
  5. Done 😎


Download Kaspar& App

Download the Kaspar& app. Follow the instructions in the app to open your account digitally in just a few minutes.


Kaspar& Code: BW15

Enter the Kaspar& code BW15 during registration.


Starting credit CHF 15

Credit of 15 francs will be automatically credited to your account.

More about Kaspar&

  • Account and card: Kaspar& includes a free Swiss bank account with a free Mastercard prepaid credit card (deposit protection of CHF 100,000)
  • Mobile payment: Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Garmin Pay
  • Pay free of charge worldwide: Kaspar& does not charge any exchange rate surcharges for payments abroad. The Mastercard reference rate is applied.
  • Invest change: If you use your Mastercard to pay for a coffee for CHF 3.60, for example, the app automatically rounds up to CHF 4 and invests the 40 centimes in change for you.
  • Investing: Kaspar& is recognised by FINMA as an asset manager. In addition to your change, you can also invest larger amounts according to your desired investment strategy.
  • Pillar 3a: Kaspar& offers a free 3a account solution and professional 3a investment strategies.

What does Kaspar& cost?

The account and the card are free of charge. There is a transparent all-in fee for the investments.

More information at:

Kaspar& Code: BW15


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