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CHF 20 starting credit

Get CHF 20 starting credit with the findependent code BecomeWealthy20. Open an account now with findependent referral code.

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Code: BecomeWealthy20

findependent referral code

findependent code 2024: BecomeWealthy20

findependent is an investment app with which you can invest from as little as CHF 500. And with our findependent code BecomeWealthy20 you get CHF 20 starting credit on top. 🥳

findependent Code instructions

  1. Download the findependent app
  2. Follow the instructions in the app and open an account digitally
  3. Enter findependent promo code BecomeWealthy20 
  4. Make sure that you enter the findependent code during registration at the " Referral code" step.
  5. Deposit alt least CHF 500
  6. Done 😎


Download findependent app

Download the findepedent app. Follow the instructions in the app to open your account digitally in just a few minutes.


findependent Code: BecomeWealthy20

Enter the findpendent code BecomeWealthy20 under the " Referral code" step during registration.


Deposit of CHF 500

As soon as you have deposited at least CHF 500, you will be credited with a CHF 20 welcome bonus.

More about findependent

findependent is an investment app that allows you to invest in 4 sustainable findependent investment solutions or your own ETF portfolio. And with our findependent invitation code BecomeWealthy20 you will also receive a starting credit of CHF 20. 💰

  • With findependent you can invest from as little as 500 francs.
  • findependent offers four predefined investment solutions (prudent/balanced/cautious/risky) or you can build your own ETF investment solution. The higher the equity component of the chosen investment solution, the higher the expected long-term return, but the higher the loss of value in a crisis.
  • findependent also offers the option of simply investing money for children (e.g. godchildren/grandchildren). The investments are legally yours. As soon as the child comes of age, they can open their own account with findependent and you can transfer the money to the child. Or you can pay out the money.
  • With findependent there is no minimum contract period and there are no balancing fees.

Is findependent safe?

Both the money and the investments are held in safekeeping at Hypothekarbank Lenzburg. The investments are legally yours, which means that they are protected in the event of bankruptcy of the bank or findependent. findependent is also authorised as an asset manager by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA.

What does findependent cost?

The first CHF 2,000 is invested for life without administration and custody fees.  After that, the management and custody fees vary depending on the investment amount. The fees are very competitive compared to other asset management companies.

More information at:

findependent code: BecomeWealthy20


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