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Cashback Cards Promo Code

CHF 150 welcome promotion

Receive CHF 50 + 5% welcome cashback with the cashback promo code CB50BeWE. Apply for your cards now for free with the Cashback Card Code.

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Code: CB50BeWE

Cashback Cards Code

Cashback Cards Promo Code 2024: CB50BeWE

With the free Cashback Cards from Swisscard, you receive up to 1% cashback on every purchase - whether in-store or online. And with our Cashback Cards promo code CB50BeWE you also benefit from a starting bonus of CHF 50.00. In addition, the welcome cashback in the first 3 months with the Cashback American Express credit card is 5%, up to a maximum cashback amount of CHF 100. 🥳

Cashback promo code instructions

  1. Apply for Cashback Cards online
  2. Choose your desired card combo: American Express + Visa or Mastercard
  3. Enter the Cashback Cards promo code CB50BeWE
  4. Make sure that you enter the cashback promo code under the 4th step " Other details" in the "Your promotion code" field
  5. Receive Cashback Cards by post - now you can collect cashback with every payment 😎


Choose Cashback Cards

Apply online for your desired card combo: American Express + Visa or Mastercard


Cashback code: CB50BeWE

Enter the cashback promo code CB50BeWE in the 4th step " Other details" during registration.


CHF 50 + welcome cashback

As soon as you receive the cards, you will benefit from CHF 50 starting credit + welcome cashback of 5%.

More about Cashback Cards

The Cashback Cards from Swisscard perform very well in our credit card comparison. 🥇The Cashback Cards are free - so there is no annual fee - and thanks to cashback you benefit with every payment. And thanks to our cashback promo code CB50BeWE, you'll also receive a CHF 50 starting bonus + 5% cashback in the first 3 months (up to CHF 100).  💰

  • Permanently no annual fee (free credit cards)
  • Up to 1% cashback (1% with American Express, 0.25% with Mastercard and Visa)
  • Accumulated cashback is credited to the card account once a year
  • Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay and SwatchPAY
  • Cashback Cards in a duo: Decide whether you want to combine your American Express Cashback Card with a Cashback World Mastercard or a Cashback Visa.
  • Issued by: Swisscard AECS GmbH

💡 Tips for all cashback hunters

  • Earn 1% cashback when shopping at the Coop or Migros with American Express and collect additional points with the Supercard or Cumulus card.
  • Deposit American Express with PayPal. If it is not accepted online, you can usually pay via PayPal and still benefit from 1% cashback. Otherwise there is always the Mastercard or Visa Card, with which you receive 0.25% cashback.

Cashback Cards: More information

Cashack Cards Code: CB50BeWE

Note: Lending is prohibited if it leads to over-indebtedness.


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