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Alpian referral code

CHF 100 starting credit

Get CHF 100 starting credit with the Alpian code PC8FXV. Open your account now with the Alpian referral code.

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Code: PC8FXV

Alpian Code

Alpian Code 2024: PC8FXV

Alpian is a financial app that combines everyday banking with investment and private banking solutions. And with Alpian PULSE, the account is free for 2 years for anyone under 26. For everyone else, the account is free for 6 months. With our Alpian code PC8FXV - whether you're 26 or older 😉 - you get CHF 100 starting credit on top.

Alpian referral code instructions

  1. Download the Alpian app
  2. Follow the instructions in the app
  3. Enter the Alpian promo code PC8FXV 
  4. Make sure that you enter the Alpian code during registration in the 2nd step under "Referral code (optional)"
  5. Deposit of at least CHF 100 (within 1 month)
  6. Carry out at least 3 transactions with the card (within 6 months)
  7. Done 😎. The bonus will be credited automatically within 45 days of the 3rd debit card payment.


Download Alpian App

Download the Alpian app. Follow the instructions in the app to open your Alpian account digitally in just a few minutes.


Alpian Code: PC8FXV

Enter the Alpian bonus code PC8FXV under "Referral code (optional)" during the 2nd step of the registration process.


Deposit of CHF 100 + 3 card payments

As soon as you have deposited at least CHF 100 and made 3 card payments within the first month of account activation, CHF 100 will be credited to your account.

More about Alpian

Alpian combines everyday banking with investment and private banking solutions in one app. And with our Alpian code PC8FXV you will also receive a CHF100 start-up bonus. 

Everyday banking

For everyday banking transactions, customers automatically receive a multi-currency account with an IBAN in four currencies: CHF, EUR, GBP and USD. Both incoming and outgoing payments in these currencies are free of charge. A metal debit card and a VISA debit card are also available free of charge. 

Currency exchanges in CHF, EUR, GBP and USD are made at very attractive exchange rates. Interest is paid on savings in CHF. In addition, deposits of up to CHF 100,000 are protected by the deposit guarantee scheme.


With Alpian, customers can create a customised investment strategy and have it managed by the Alpian investment team. You can choose to delegate the management completely to Alpian or retain the decision-making authority and limit yourself to advice (via the app) from the Alpian experts.

What does Alpian cost?

For anyone under 26, the account is free for 2 years. For customers over 26, the account is free for 6 months. After that, the following transparent fees apply depending on total assets.

More information at:

Alpian reference code: PC8FXV


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