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Zak Promo Code

CHF 50 starting credit

Get CHF 50 starting credit with the Zak code BEWE50. Open your account now for free with the Zak promo code.

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Code: BEWE50

Zak code

Zak code 2024: BEWE50

Zak is the banking app of Bank Cler. The Zak account and Visa debit card are free with Zak. And with our Zak code BEWE50 you get CHF 50 starting credit on top. 🥳

Zak promo code instructions

  1. Download the Zak app
  2. Requirements: 15 years old, resident in Switzerland, passport or ID 
  3. Follow the instructions in the app
  4. Wait for opening (1-2 working days)
  5. Enter Zak promo code BEWE50
  6. Make sure you enter the Zak voucher code in the settings in the "Enter code" section. You have 30 days after opening an account to do this.
  7. Done 😎


Download Zak App

Download the Zak app. Follow the instructions in the app to open your account digitally in just a few minutes.


Zak Code: BEWE50

After opening an account, enter your Zak Code BEWE50 in the settings under "Enter code" within 30 days.


Starting credit CHF 50

Credit of 50 francs will be automatically credited to your account.

More about Zak

Zak is the banking app from Bank Cler. With Zak, you get an account, a card (with mobile payment), savings pots and the option to save for the 3rd pillar. Zak scores well in our bank account comparison due to its free account management and interest rates. And with our Zak voucher code BEWE50, you also receive a starting credit of CHF 50. 💰

  • Zak is a product of Bank Cler
  • Account and Visa debit card are free with Zak
  • Deposits and cash withdrawals at Bank Cler ATMs are free of charge
  • Zak offers all important account functions directly on your smartphone
  • Free Visa debit card (incl. Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay)
  • Interest is paid on credit balances
  • Thanks to shared "pots", you can easily manage expenses in a group (e.g. shared flat).
  • Zak offers the option of making provisions via pillar 3a
  • Deposit protection (CHF 100,000)

Is Zak really free?

Yes, the account and Visa debit card are free with Zak. Card payments are also free, as are cash withdrawals at Bank Cler ATMs.

More information at:

Zak voucher code: BEWE50


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