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CHF 200 Trading Credit

Receive CHF 200 trading credit with the Swissquote promo code MKT_BECOMEWEALTHY. Open your account now with the Swissquote code.

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Swissquote code

Swissquote promo code 2024: MKT_BECOMEWEALTHY

Swissquote is the Swiss market leader in online banking and offers everything from trading and investments to banking. In particular, Swissquote gives you access to millions of investment products on markets all over the world. And with our Swissquote promo code MKT_BECOMEWEALTHY you get CHF 200 trading credit on top. 🥳

Swissquote code instructions

  1. Open a Swissquote account online or in the app
  2. Requirements: Identity document (passport or ID), confirmation of residence, access to a camera for digital identification
  3. Enter the Swissquote promotional code MKT_BECOMEWEALTHY 
  4. Make sure you enter the Swissquote code under the "Personal information" step in the " Promo code" field
  5. Deposit of at least CHF 1,000. done 😎


Register online

Register online via app or computer. Follow the instructions to open your Swissquote account digitally in just a few minutes.



Enter the Swissquote promo code MKT_BECOMEWEALTHY under the "Personal information" step during registration.


Deposit of CHF 1,000

As soon as you have deposited at least CHF 1,000, you will be credited with CHF 200 trading credit.

More about Swissquote

Swissquote is the Swiss market leader in online banking. Trading, investments and daily banking - with Swissquote you can manage your finances comprehensively. And thanks to our Swissquote code MKT_BECOMEWEALTHY, Swissquote will give you the fees on your first investments for free. 💰


  • Trading: With Swissquote you invest in over 3 million products from shares, ETFs, funds, cryptos and more.
  • Banking: Swissquote offers a free banking package with virtual debit Mastercard, including daily banking services and physical debit cards are also available.
  • Fees: Swissquote offers extremely competitive fees for all traded instruments.
  • Swissquote: Swissquote Bank Ltd holds a banking and securities dealer licence and is regulated by FINMA.

What is a trading credit?

The trading credit of CHF 200 is available to you for your trades. As soon as you execute transactions online, the brokerage fee (i.e. securities trading fees) for this transaction is automatically deducted from your Trading Credit. For example, if the brokerage fee is CHF 25, this amount will be deducted from the CHF 200 of your trading credit.

More information at:

CHF 200 Trading Credit: Valid until 31.05.2024

Swissquote promo code: MKT_BECOMEWEALTHY


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