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Selma promo code

CHF 34 starting bonus

Invest CHF 5,000 free of charge for 12 months with the Selma promo code BW5000. Open your custody account now with the Selma code.

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Code: BW5000

Selma promotion code 

Selma promo code 2024: BW5000

Selma creates an investment plan for you that is customised to your life and your goals. The digital investment assistant Selma manages CHF 5,000.00 free of charge for 1 year when you open your custody account with the Selma promo code BW5000. You save CHF 34. 🥳

Selma Code Anleitung

  1. Register online
  2. Selma will ask you a few questions to help you create a personalised investment plan
  3. Enter Selma promo code BW5000
  4. Make sure you enter the bonus code during registration when asked "Do you have a promo code?"
  5. Deposit of at least CHF 2'000. done 😎


Register online

Open your Selma account online in just a few minutes.


Selma Code: BW5000

Enter the Selma promo code BW5000 when asked "Do you have a promo code?" during registration.


Deposit of CHF 2,000

As soon as you have deposited at least CHF 2,000, Selma will take care of the rest and you will benefit from the promotion.

More about Selma

Selma Finance is a digital wealth management company based in Switzerland. And thanks to our Selma Promo Code BW5000, Selma manages CHF 5,000.00 free of charge for one year. 💰

  • Selma gives you access to personalised financial advice for as little as CHF 2,000.
  • Selma uses algorithms to create customised investment plans.
  • Selma automatically manages your investments for you and adapts them to changes in your life and the financial markets.
  • Selma also offers a pillar 3a in addition to free investment.
  • Selma's investors include Migros and TX Ventures.
  • Selma provides a Swiss tax statement every year. The tax statement is included in the Selma fee.
  • Selma is regulated as an independent asset manager in Switzerland.
  • Selma offers very attractive fees compared to traditional banks.

More information at:

Selma Promo Code: BW5000


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