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CHF 200 Trading credit

Receive CHF 200 commission credit with the Saxo referral code (referral link). Open your account now for free with the Saxo code.

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Saxo Promo Code

Saxo Referral Code 2024: Referral Link

Saxo Bank Switzerland is a low-cost online broker. The trading platform allows you to invest in a wide range of investment classes such as gold, ETFs, ETNs, futures, CFDs, crypto and more. And with our Saxo referral link, you get CHF 200 trading credit (commission credit) on top. 🥳

Saxo commission credits instructions

  1. Click on the Saxo referral link. You will be redirected to the Saxo Bank website.
  2. Register online (requirement for Saxo commission credit: residence in Switzerland).
  3. Wait for account opening.
  4. Deposit at least CHF 1 within 30 days.
  5. The Saxo Trading Credit (commission credit) is credited within 24 hours. That's it 😎. 

The Saxo Trading Credit is available to you for 90 days. If you have not used your entire Saxo commission credit of CHF 200 during this time, the rest will expire automatically.

You can find your Saxo Trading Credit of CHF 200 under the information symbol (i) at the bottom left of the platform. A window will open with the account details (see Saxo commission credit).


Aprire il referral link di Saxo

Open the referral link and register online as a new customer resident in Switzerland.


Deposit of CHF 1

Deposit at least 1 franc within 30 days of opening the account.


200 CHF Trading Credit

After 1-3 working days you will be credited with CHF 200 commission credit. Now you can start investing.

More about Saxo

Saxo is a fully licensed, FINMA-regulated Swiss bank with an online trading platform. Saxo has over 1 million clients worldwide and over CHF 90 billion in client assets under management.

Saxo offers over 71,000 investment products on 125 global exchanges. These include shares, ETFs, futures, CFDs, crypto, options and more. And thanks to our Saxo referral link, Saxo will give you free fees on your first investment. 💰

  • Fees: Saxo offers extremely competitive fees across all investment classes (especially foreign stocks and ETFs, but also Swiss stocks). Saxo is therefore one of the most favourable trading platforms in Switzerland. Custody fees are only charged for shares and ETFs and are limited to CHF 10 per month. There is no minimum deposit and no inactivity fees.
  • Depositor protection: Up to CHF 100,000

What is a trading credit?

The Saxo Trading Credit (commission credit) of CHF 200 is available to you for your trades. As soon as you trade a product that incurs a trading fee (such as shares, ETFs, investment funds and bonds) Saxo will cover these trading fees. You pay the trading fees in advance and Saxo refunds the trading fee at the end of the trading day. The refund will be made in cash in the currency of your main account. Your unused Saxo commission credit will expire after 90 days.

More information at:

Saxo recommendation: Referral link

Saxo Terms & Conditions: Saxo commission credits terms


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