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CSX Promo Code

CHF 25 starting credit

Get CHF 25 starting credit with the CSX promo code AM1248. Open your account now for free with the CSX code.

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Code: AM1248

CSX Code

CSX Promo Code 2024: AM1248

CSX offers digital all-in-one banking. And with our CSX promo code AM1248 you get CHF 25 starting credit on top. 🥳

CSX code instructions

  1. Download the CSX app
  2. After successfully opening an account, log in to Mobile Banking 
  3. Under Navigation: "More", "Benefits" and then select "Redeem code"
  4. Enter CSX promo code AM1248
  5. The credit will be credited to your CSX account in the next few days. Done 😎

Note: Enter the code immediately after opening, as the code can only be used for a limited time after opening.


Download CSX App

Download the CSX app. Follow the instructions in the app to open your account digitally in just a few minutes.


CSX Code: AM1248

After registering, enter the CSX promo code AM1248 in the settings (More > Benefits > Redeem code).


25 CHF starting credit

The credit will be credited to your CSX account within the next few days.

More about CSX

CSX offers a wide range of product combinations (accounts, debit and credit cards) so that you can customise your banking exactly as you need it. If the basics are enough, you can get your account and card for free with CSX White.

What does CSX offer?

CSX offers additional functions via an account with card: CSX Invest, CSX Pension, CSX Financial Plan, CSX Loan, CSX Rent. 🏦


A CSX account with card is available from as little as CHF 0. If CSX White is enough for you, you can use the account completely free of charge. With CSX, the price is made up of the individually selected accounts and cards. This means that you only pay for the selected options (see factsheet prices).

More information at:

Private account comparison: Click here

CSX White in detail: Click here

CSX Code: AM1248


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