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CHF 35 fee discount

Receive a CHF 35 fee discount with the frankly voucher code BW35. Open your account now for free with the frankly voucher.

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Code: BW35

frankly code

frankly voucher code 2024: BW35

frankly is a digital pension solution for pillar 3a and vested benefits from Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB). And with our frankly voucher code BW35 you get a CHF 35 fee discount. 🥳

frankly voucher code instructions

  1. Open a frankly account (3a or vested benefits) digitally in the app or on the website
  2. Enter frankly voucher code BW35 
  3. Make sure that you enter the frankly code either during the opening process in the "Redeem voucher" field or directly after opening in the settings in the "Vouchers" section 
  4. Make your first deposit (from as little as CHF 1) or transfer funds. Done 😎


Register online

Register online via app or on your computer. Follow the instructions to open your frankly account digitally in just a few minutes.


frankly Code: BW35

Enter the frankly voucher code BW35 during registration or after opening in the "Vouchers" section.


35 CHF fee discount

Make provisions from as little as CHF 1 or transfer funds to benefit from the fee discount.

More about frankly

frankly is a digital pension solution for pillar 3a and vested benefits from Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB).

  • frankly is a completely digital pension solution (app and web version).
  • There are six investment products to choose from, ranging from "Cash without risk" (account with interest) to "Emphasis on opportunity" (high equity exposure).
  • Investments are made in Swisscanto investment products and interest is paid on credit balances.
  • As an option, frankly offers sustainable investment products.
  • Existing vested benefits and pillar 3a solutions can be transferred to frankly if you wish.
  • Pillar 3a savings contributions can be fully deducted from taxable income up to the maximum amount.
  • An additional pillar 3a account can be opened digitally with frankly. Several pillar 3a accounts are worthwhile, as a staggered withdrawal is possible on retirement, allowing you to benefit from tax advantages (staggering from around CHF 50,000)

What does frankly cost?

frankly offers very attractive and transparent fees. An all-in fee is charged on securities balances. There is no all-in fee for cash. And with our frankly voucher code, you also benefit from a CHF 35 fee discount.

More information at:

frankly voucher: BW35


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